The Easy Peasy Plan

If you are a serious business you need to have a web presence

A lot of small businesses just need a basic web site to "exist" online.

You need to inform your customers of your services, hours of operation and how to contact you if necessary. A simple web site would suffice. Of course you will need control over the design and content of the site. The Easy Peasy package is for you. What do you get?

The first thing will be an interview with me to make sure that I understand your needs. That way you also get to know who you will be working with and how serious I am about my work and services.

Next, we will need to determine if you need a domain name for your business. A domain name is an easy to remember name that will identify you in the internet. For example, this site is identified by the domain or I offer registration and parking of that domain for free for as long as you maintain one qualifying paid package (like "The Easy Peasy Plan").

Once we get that part done, we can work on your web site. Your web site will be designed and created using a very popular software package called WordPress. WordPress is a very solid and thoroughly tested content management system used by many businesses around the world. It will provide you with many different ways to customize your web site. But you don't need to worry about design and content at this time. I will get all the initial setup done for you. You might never need to touch that initial setup if that is all that you need. But if you wanted, you will have the control to publish additional content after our initial services are provided.

Of course, a website needs a host. A host is a web server (a computer accesible from the internet). I will provide you with a commercial host that offers highly reliable, high availability servers. Your web site will be hosted in servers that provide services for the largest companies in the world such as Amazon or Google. So, your web site will be available whenever people want to access it.

You get all those services covered by the annual fee paid when you purchased the package. Every year you will need to renew your service if you want to keep your site running or you can choose to move it somewhere else (I offer those services too in case you need them). It's all on your time and according to your needs.

Give me a call to setup the initial interview.